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Narnia's Wardrobe  

and more Windows at Narni Town

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   More Narnia's windows at Narni in Umbria

For Christmas 2005  at Narni town  , the Schools with some dealer,   show some windows , starting from Narnia's Wardrobe . Made by Students from elementary schools.


    some Narnia's windows

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Many others dealer do Narnia's windows

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Narnia's Wardrobe


come to see the Narnia's wardrobe at Dèlirantic to Narni town

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Also some artigian are working for Narnia

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  Also the Bookshops look at Narnia
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Discover with us Narnia land in Umbria

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    Old stone at Narnia town

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           Vivinarni Association

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Narnia's cover exibition

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For make the Narnia's Wardrobe participate:
Laura Luna for the design and the starting  draft
Il CFP Narni for prototipe
L'architetto Cerasa  computer  autocad

Antonieta Scosta for link with Dealers


Mauro Pulcinella  for the Banner
Giuseppe Fortunati  Schools coordinator 
Giuliana Fainella      orgaizzation

the Assessore Bobbi General coordinator

Thanks to the  elementary Schools ,students and teachers.
and Dealers that participate
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Narni Town are working for host friends of Narnia all around the world







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