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  Narnia's  Carnival

at Narni Town

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   Narnia's Carnival

The schools at  Narni town , for Carnival, work for create masks at the class room about the Chronicles of Narnia , the maks are about  Aslan the Lion and the White Witch .

The teachers of the kindergartner " Piccolo Principe" , with The teachers of the nursery school of   Narni town and Elementary School , grade 2,  work for do it.

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Boys and girls partecipated, before at school,  and late for the streets of Narnia town.


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Here there is some immages for this party

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Boys and girls are come back to the Magic wardrobe of Narnia  , ready for new adventures

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Thanks to the Teachers, that can create this work with the pleasure of the young students, that can be for a day,  Kings and Queen of Narnia .







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