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San Vito of Narnia little town near Narni in Umbria , Castellitto's House

Sergio Castellitto knows perfectly the city of Narni in Umbria and its territory because of his own house in the countryside of the town. Few years ago it was possible to see the actor walking through the city with his family or in some typical restaurant of the region.

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Today, Castellitto is busy with the launching of the new Disney movie ‘ Prince Caspian ‘.
Last month, Castellitto was in Rome where he talked with some students; the images of this meeting are now available online.

Castellitto talked about his experiences on the set of ‘ Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian ‘ and showed ( with the permission of Walt Disney Pictures ) a preview of the movie that will be in italian theatres in August.

video made by Repubblica's journalist
" I met Castellitto – the engineer tells – during the first official view of the trailer of ‘ Prince Caspian ‘. It was a very important meeting for me because, at last, it allowed me to know a person with an extraordinary artistic talent who could help our cause a lot."

Fortunati says: " During our meeting Castellitto talked about Narni and remembered the years in which he spent all of his weekends in his country house near San Vito.

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San Vito door Narnia's Castle
Moreover, the actor said to me that he saw the web site www.narnia.it and that he appreciated some interesting educational works that were realized in some schools to promote the knowledge of the movies based on the trilogy books of ‘ The Chronicles of Narnia ‘. Castellitto spoke about the map and the geographical atlas that Lewis consulted when he was young."

Fortunati gave to the actor two of his books about ‘ Narnia ’ as a present. " I said to him that reading that books could help him to better understand the reasons why the English writer chose the name of Narnia for his books."


The students and the press asked to Castellitto a lot of questions and the Italian actor answered nicely; for example, he said:

" if you liked the first movie, you will like this one a lot more. It’s darker and more mature. The structure looks like the structure of ‘ The Hamlet ‘ of Shakespeare. There is a young prince who wants to take back his kingdom usurped by the murderer of his father. The deep meaning of the work is the envy of the adults for the youth."

The actor talked about his discomfort during the battle’s scenes: " Physical fear, dread to hurt me..." ; he said that he had fun too, on the set, with the other Italian actor of the cast, Pierfrancesco Favino: " It’s the third time that we work together and it always ends that I hit him!"


About caspian's book




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