EUMEDIS PILOT PROJECT  for Euro-Mediterranean electronic commerce


ECKTAF - Proposal Number: 1 Summary


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Con..Per.: : Lucio Scognamiglio

BLUEPRINT by Paolo Manzelli  <>

Phone +39/055/332549 – Fax +39/055/354845

LRE/EGO-CreaNET via Maraglano 77 –50144 Firenze Italy


Preparatory actions : Electronic Commerce Know How Telematics Agency to promote franchising-net in Mediterranean area


Proposal Summary

Proposal Full Title

Electronic Commerce Know How Telematics Agency  Franchise-networking

Proposal Acronym



1)      The project ECKTAF  has the objective to create an Telematics Agency organised as well as an extended  enterprise for developing an EUMEDIS E.Commerce Pilot program

2)       The project ECKTA Franchise-Networking  is finalized to developing online solutions to facilitate and prepare by means the management of the transaction  in any commercial sectors of e.Franchising in the Mediterranean basin.

Description of the work

ECKTAF is a complex multilevel service matrix  structure covered by different & coordinated roles of partners “tele-working” in the following fields :

 1) ICT networked structure construction  ( i.e  costruction of web-portals or vortals)

2) Consultant expertise  working for specific contracts and transactions on e.franchising

3) Training  on franchise-net solutions for e.commerce

4) Facilitating  the logistic of transport distribution networks

5) Publicizing in the World Wide Web dissemination activitivities of ECKTA Francjhise-networking


-x) - The project ECKTAF will also develop some coherent set of  test-solution  or Sub-Projects proposed by some partners , operating in favour of e.franchising development of SME’S,as start-up activities in Medieterranean area in the commercial sectors of :  Tourism , Agro-food, textile, etc…


---- The above functions and roles can be covered by means partners coming from :

- Professional trade associations ,Centers with experience in ICT, Business federations with interest and capacity for the promotion and the implementation of e-franchising, Universities , Chambers of commerce, Consultants agencies , and other public or private bodies able to support the diffusion of activities related to e-commerce Franchising in Mediterranean area.. (*)


Duration (in months)  


Total Eligible Costs (in Euro)


Minimum grant :

One Million  EURO

80%  eligible  costs.

Maximum Community contribution requested (Euro)   1.6.MILLION

3 years

(*)  To be an effective co-teleworker of  EUMEDIS-ECKTAF project , each partner need to sign (**) originally the “MEMORANDUM of UNDERATANDING” , and send it by traditional post to the Alliance manager .

see e.Agrement - MoU in :


Dead Line - Sept.07/00

Applicant: Promofranchising –Conferercemti  ITALY

See: phone: 055/315254

Alliance Manager PAOLO MANZELLI

LRE/EGO-CreaNET / University of Florence Italy  fax +39/055/354845

(**) - Signature of person authorised to submit a proposal within the co-ordinating organisation ECKTAF –Franchise- networking