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CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium :

to integrate research and development

and take-up actions promoting IS - WWW Society.


Part B 1.1 - Objectives and state-of-the-art





EGO-CreaNET/ (See:, <>) the main contractor (or project co-ordinator) of the following IDEIS Call 98, is an International Association finalized to the Global On Line Expansion of Creativity.

The Association activities are centered on the research work of "Communication and Brain functions development" promoted by the Laboratory of Educational Research of the University of Firenze.

The research of creative concepts connecting a well organized telematic information with the globalization processes in the forthcoming IS, in new education paradigm and new work scenario, is the main framework of our research & developmental field. The EGO-CreaNET / is cooperating as

consultant of the REDCOM <>, a Latin and Central America//European network that works on the field of complex systems organization of IS.


Beginning from a theoretical approach on the new cognitive relationships between information and development, nowadays the EGO-CreaNET/affiliates a Consortium named CoL-tele-Lab composed by some Institutions in Europe and in Latin and Central America, with the aim to develop the program called Creativity on line for tele-labour ( the acronym is : CoL-Tele-Lab) in order to lesson unemployement and to encourage new innovative development of telematic-work at very high intellectual professionality of "infobroker and content-provider", starting to promote and information exchange to find the practical conditions to actuate the new cognitive approach to grow-up the

employment for the Global Information Society.


To advance the CoL-Tele-Lab project-idea we need, in fact, to improve the international dialog on line about the evolution of the relationships between information and economy, and hence the increasing economical value of information for the development of the post-industrial society, in a way that a great synergy among centres improving Information Society in the World Wide Web, could cooperate to ameliorate the leading lines of the structural change in the workplaces, discussing common policies on the social, cultural and creative educational aspects of the information society; and debating pertinent platform issues to develop new tele-labour initiatives, getting a diffusion of the principles of organizatorial telematic-innovation, and also improving telematic-competences and professions to give a ultimate aim a great impuse to a larger telematic- employment creation


Therefore the EGO-CreaNET / telematic Association (with the collaboration of the partners of the Col-Tele-Lab Consortium and some other experts of IS internatinal advancement), will promote and improve a dialogue pursuing the mission : CREATIVITY ON LINE AND TELE-LABOUR SKILLS EDUCATION for INFORMATION SOCIETY DEVELOPMENT, in the context of the global economy, which requires to open a plentiful interaction with European Union and Latin and Central America between high performance enterprises working with an emphasis on reducing

unemployment and creating new jobs in new telematic fields, for the development of the Global Information Society.


The dialogue of the EGO-CreaNET//CoL-Tele-Lab-Consortium, setting priorities and for tele-labour, will give an assistance to develop common infrastructures among European Union and Central and Latin America menbers, to enchange all together the capacity to actualize far-reaching policies on growth, promoting partnerships between the public-private sectors, to develop competitiveness of the Small and Medium Industries, and stimulating the organization of pilot projects of interactive information in the great geographical area inclusive of EUROPE and of CENTRAL -LATIN AMERICA, providing in this way the driving force for the paramount finality to implement employement in teleworking of graduates from the University and Institutions of

Superior Instruction, in relation with the expansion of telecommunications and information services agencies.


The duty of each partner of the Consortium EGO-CreaNET/// CoL-Tele-Lab will be to participate to all decision making for developing the pilot-project Creativity on Line for Tele-labour.


Relevant experience of the proposers in the field in the last three years of EGO-CreaNET:


EGO-CreaNET will be the main contractor of the CoL-Tele-Lab Consotium In fact EGO-CreaNET/, can be considered an expert telematic promotion to debate pertinent platform issues on the social, cultural and creative educational aspects of the information society.

In fact during the last three years EGO-CreaNET organized in Italy (Venezia 24/25 May 96; Firenze 15/17 May ’97 and Oasi di Troina - Enna 28/30 October 1998) three international Seminars about the main issues concerning the IS development, sponsored by TELECOM-ITALIA co-sponsored

by the Italian Ministry of Education, the Italian Ministry of Esternal Affairs, the Italian Ministy of Communication. ( see in atthached some information)


See also some relevant HP’s of EGO-CreaNET associated members :;


Menbers of EGO-CreaNET/ are spread in all Italy regions but also some group of them are in PERU’, CUBA, VENEZUELA and MEXICO.


Moreover the EGO-CreaNET / in collaboration of PIN- Prato and Regione Toscana, used the RETEX project of the E.U, during the year 1997, to develop the project nomitated by the acronymus TASTI (that means -Telematic Agency for Scientific and Technogical Information), that was the first regional appoach for the internationalization of the project-idea named CoL-Tele-Lab.


TASTI project was an interactive virtual Telematic Agency experience dedicated to the field of research & development synergy between University and Small and Medium Industries in the Tuscany Region of Italy aimed to animate an Information Exchange for the employement of a

Global Information Society.


At the same time TASTI project was a good incubator for tele-labour training skill development at very high qualified level of professionality.


The project TASTI followed this procedure: before the EGO-CreaNET//PIN selected ten unemployed graduates coming from various disciplines (Economy, Engineering, Political and Social Sciences). Then the Project TASTI was a successfull simulation of an interactive service, were the

selected graduates worked with the aim to research and optimize the relationships of information in Internet between the PIN of the University of Firenze and the SME in the Tuscany Region in Italy

focusing the field of science and tecnological development and focusing also a clear identification of market stimulants to support the mass consumerization of telematic- information services and systems.


The research & development work in the TASTI project, was actualised with the formula of telelabour , i.e. "anytime anywhere", and only a single monthly meeting, of the group of selected graduates with the Direction of EGO-CreaNET//PIN, was an obligatory on-site presence, to

develop and have access to the progress of the TASTI project. (see copy of the incuded document )


TASTI was a successful enterprise and nowadays the same project-idea is diffused in Italy in other Regions (VENETO and CAMPANIA).


Part B 1.2 - Work content


The CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium , starting from the previous experiences of EGO-creaNET/, opened an on line debate on the Discussion List <>, setting up a dialog-system to exchange information, identify co-operation partnerships and enhance awareness in third countries, searching to join some relevant IS institutions, (particularly in the geografic dimension inclusive of Europe and Central and Latin America), about the issues connected with the proper mission: "CREATIVITY ON LINE DIALOG AND TELE-LABOUR-SKILLS EDUCATION FOR



The dialog of the EGO-creaNET//CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium would like to evolve at the international level the project -idea named Creativity on Line for Tele-labour as a programmed telematic activity aiming at raising awareness and reinforcing dialogue and a also a programmed

co-operativity with Europe and the third countries, within the Global Dimension of IS result in the first draft-document as a synthetic agreement of working contributions of each participant's to the

CoL-Tele - Lab Consortium.


DOCUMENT of the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium


The globalization of the systems seems to be the challenge which most characterized last years.

In truth the "global systems" have always been part of human nature and of the background in which live and work. Surely, the technological innovation has created an unforeseable acceleration for the times in which it was born and incredible for the amplitude of the globalization of information systems. All this puts in discussion a lot of habits and conventions which characterize the individual and social behaviour of every person.

Of these rapid transformations we see only the beginning; in truth we believe that nobody knows precisely how and when these process will be mature, permament and used by everyone. So, the first approach to face in an opporune way these problems we believe it could be of cultural nature.

Today, two seem to be the problems that are conditioning the full utilization of new telematic technologies: The big quantity of informations in the WWW which had broken the traditional chain:

production, control, distibution and utilization of the information; that in some cases makes available an infinite number of knowledges, and as a consequence, makes difficult the search of what is really useful. The opportune knowledges for the full use of new technologies, that being characterized by the use multimedial and interactive languages, imply the knowledge of those codes and the ability, not only limited to the receipt of the information, of its production and diffusion.

One of the most evident possibilities that put at disposal new informatic technologies are the teleworking forms. The Col-Tele-Lab consortium, promoted by Prof. Paolo Manzelli of EGO-CreaNET/-Firenze Italy, is convinced that the telelabour could be not only a "distance work" such as a work that traditionally is made in particular places, and now can be realized "distant", but opportunity to form new human resources, create new works and create also new telematic enterprises. A fondamental condition for this target is to establish a permanent link among Universities, Research Centres, and also Associations working for Global Information Society development, and other private and public Enterprises, overcoming old stereotypes oriented to put together the single competences, but locating a common field, where targets, strategies, methodologies and resources keep together project and realize a common plan of innovative research, on the base of the use of the telematic nets.


The most important goal of the COL-TELE-Lab Consortium will be the

transformation of the information in creative knowledge. Hence the main finality of CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium will be to integrate research and development and take-up actions promoting IS - WWW Society. The strategy of the CoL-TELE-Lab Consortium will be the employ of a high professional qualification in the administration of the information in the interactive and telematic nets; this strategy of training in the research and development field, joints to general objective of the contemporaneous era which brings to the progress of the post-industrial society of information.


Following the above comments and targets, the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium, is working very closely already this year in telematic net to develop a first phase of the pilot project CoL-TEL-Lab.


This project starts from the idea to connect Europe with Latin-America in a telematic network realized between Universities Centres of Telematic Promotions of IS, and Private and/or Public Enteprises, to develop the research on the impact of the telework as infobroker and content providers in the following areas and activities:


a) Tele-cooperation for Cultural Turism Globalization and Cultural Heritage Education;

b) Differentiation and collaboration for the development of small and medium enterprises;

c) International utility of intellectual property;

d) Creative pubblicity impact on market globalization;

e) Teletraining for international manager personality and management of organizational change;

f) Development on the WWW of co-operative electronic ipertests-edition (in different languages);

g) High education new pofessionalities of "infobroker" and "content provider" in the field of IS technologies for industries and for electronic commerce and for public and private management of natural resources.


The partners of CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium decide to participate to the Call IDEIS, launched by European Commission (GU n.C326 -24/Oct.98 ) to develop an extension of the obiectives of the Consortium particularly focusing the relationships of co-operation between Europa and Central and Latin America, developping the proper activities on organising meetings and workshops in Europe and in Latin America, related to the preparation of co-operation in the field of Information Society and also by means of a telematic forum for developping the dialogue between the European Union and third countries’s actors. Furthermore the growing up of a significative debate on IS in the non European cultural and economical context will make easier the identification of priority areas and keys actions with the goal to ampliate the participation and the synergy in global project idea CoL-Tele-Lab, aiming that this project gives an impulse for an international co-operation for the increase of new employment opportunities for improving developmental actions on the world wide web.


Part B 1.3 - Deliverables


A) CD-Rom on the Information society development and infobroker/and/or content providers training , proposed and consulted by means the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium dialog.

( 1000 Copies for free distribution written in three languages, English, Italian and Spanish )


B) Proceedings of the two main events. (2000 copies for free distribution)


C) Preliminary acts of the two european thematic workshops. (100 copies for each workshop for free distribution)




Organization of INITIATIVES the EGO-CreNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium


The proposal of EGO-CreaNET/ Col-Tele-lab Consortium will include:


To develop the project the EGO-creaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium all partners will be linked on the discussion list <> and sometimes the dialog will be made also in teleconferency. The telematic dialog on the <> will be finalized to develop the agreement to organize the the pilot- project <Creativity on Line for Telelabour >. In addition we will arrange a Home page of "CoL-tele-Lab Consortium", including an electronic magazine, and a very large number of mirrors in the WWW.

At least we will product a CD-Rom in all the prevalent languages of the partners, as a resulting of the one year on the WWW dialog, about the CoL-Tele-Lab international proposal of developing the Information Society.


b) the organization of two high level co-ordination conferencies on Information Society; following the criteria and aims of the IDEIS Call ’98, and in particular reinforcing the visibility of european IS effort and international endeavour. In fact we will organize two Conferencies and two thematic workshops (with one participant for each partner), for a previous co-organization of the main two events: the first international conference (two days meeting), will be organized c/o PIN -Prato Firenze Italy in MAY 1999 .

The second one ( two days meeting) will be orgaized in Lima PERU’. To every conference will participate all the partners of the CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium , (two speachers of each partners of CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium, will be invited, and some external experts of IS of Europe and Central and Latin America). We suppose that to each event the local participation of about 200 invited persons. In relation to the the two specialized workshops,organized

EGO-CreaNET//CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium aiming to increase in value of IS efforts of European Union, they will organized before and after the organization of the two main events. ( Probably the venue of these workshops will be in UK and in Belgium)


The venues of the two main conferences on IS will be:


the first one : c/o PIN-PRATO- University of Firenze - ITALY, (forecast: MAY 1999 - n° 200 participants, 30 % international IS experts + 70 % local IS experts)


The Second one (probably) c/o Pontificia University of PERU’ -LIMA- PERU’ (Forecast: February 2000 - n° 200 participants ; 30 % international IS experts + 70 % local IS experts).


The venue of two Workshoops probably in England and Belgium (participants : about 20 persons each).


(Note : the final decision about the venues of the initiatives of the EGO-CreaNET// CoL-tele-lab Consortium, will be defined, after more precise agreement among partners).






- Discussion List < > nowadays working, that will be better co-organized to advance the diffusion of the "International Forum for the deployment of a Global Information Society".


- Web Site " CoL-Tele-Lab- IS European visibility and W.S. Mirrors (to be maked up) for expanding the initiatives on "International Dialogue and Information Exchange for the deployment of a Global Information Society" promoted by the " EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium;


- Electronic Magazine and Library on "CoL-Tele-Tab " IS issues (to be maked up) on the issues regarding the European visibility for the development of IS on the WWW;


-Tele-conference system utilization, for expanding the initiatives promoted by the " EGO-CreaNET CoL-Tele-Lab- Consortium".



Part B 2.3 The partnership of EGO-CreaNET CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium is composed by :


N° 6 partners from four european countries ( Italy, UK, Belgium,Spain),

and partners and experts from six third of Network 3 countries ( Peru’, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia , Mexico) .

Also we get adhesion from one international consultant Expert from Bulgary.


Human Resources : referring persons of EGO-CreaNET and partners of EGO-CreaNET/CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium and also collaborators with the role of international experts are:


1) Paolo Manzelli - EGO-CreaNET// <> Italy

2) Giuseppe Fortunati- EGO-CreaNET- Vice-Presiedent <> Italy

3) Stefano Cuomo - EGO-CreaNET -member <> Italy

4)Aldo Brullo - EGO-CreaNET- Veneto -member <> Italy

5) Adelio Schieroni - EGO-CreaNET-member <> Italy

6) Dario Cillo - EGO-CreaNET - expert- member <> Italy

7) Franci Francesco -EGO-CreaNET -Member <> Italy

8) Martin Stiglio - EGO-CreaNET - Member c/o Italian Ministry of Foreing Affairs, Italy

9) Laura Grassi - EGO-CreaNET- Secretariat. <> Italy

10) Anna Schippa- EGO-CreaNET- Secretariat. < > Italy

11) Tony Worsdall CyberSkills Association <>, UK

12) John Everet from U.K <> >UK

13) H.Rene' Caderius Van Ween <>, Belgium

14) Nicolas Van Vosselen <>, Belgium

15) Jokin Garatea: <> >, Spain

16) Salomon Lerner Rettore Pontificia University del Peru, <>, Peru’

17)Miguel Molla <>, EGO-CreaNET- Peru’

18)Rene Jaime Rivas <>- Mexico

19) José Luis Pardo Díaz <>>- Venezuela

20) Mercedes Castillo <>- Venezuela

21) Lauren Elias <> , <>-Cuba

22) Consulting Com REDCOM - EGO-CreaNET.- expert <>- Colombia

23) Roumen Nikolov- EGO-CreaNET- expert <> -Bulgary

24) Eduardo Garcia Tarajano <> - EGO-CreaNET.- expert -Cuba

25) Claudio Cappellini <> EGO-CreaNET expert- Division Servicies - CNA - Italy

26) Gianna Martinengo <>, EGO-CreaNET expert - DIDAEL -Milan- Italy



( see enclosed fax or printed adhesion forms of international partners of EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab-Consortium and some other collaborators with the role of EGO-CreaNET- experts)



Part B 2.2 European dimension and related benefits The add value of the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Telelab- Consortium initiatives, will be a consequence of the fact that we are able to open an important Dialogue among IS actors at a very large geographical dimension, supporting the Information Society Forum on the field of telelabour developmental training in the field of R&D, aiming to improve the contemporary global IS development, and advancing the characteristic cultural dimension that strong and healthy links Europe and Central and Latin America and Mexico.


The initiatory contribution of the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium related to the new and complex field of telelabour for the global Information Society development, will get an expansion during the proposed working project getting a more large amount of fellows at regional level in Central America, Andean Countries, MERCOSUR, and Mexico. This espansion of hight intellectual level of computing & networking activities, will be the main goal of the iniciate a new pilot

project "CoL-Tele-Lab" promoted by the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium, for creating high performances in telelabour in the fields of : research & development in market globalization, i.e electronic commerce and so on ...; advanced education related to new professionalities of infobroker and content provider, and www multimedia technologies operators ,... etc....etc.. promoting at the same time the knowledge of what’s going in those fields Europe.





Part B 2.3 Social impacts


The social impact of the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Dialogue is a result of the coexistent great significance of the european policy to develop an active politics for increasing labor in the world of contemporary developing Information Society.


We need to consider in fact that the tele-labour is the work patternof our nearer future.


But before it will flourishes that day, it is necessary to develop some a previous steps.


The creating new work conditions for IS all over the world it will be rapid only if a new dimension of collaborative developmental information, can be mentally evoluted and well organized in the WWW.


Of course it will be of vital importance the total installation of the new technologies of interactive information in all the corners of the world.


But starting from the three years of experience in the international field of telematic-education and telelabour improvement, EGO-CreaNET advises that the above absolutely it will be a necessary precondition, but it will be not wholly sufficient if at the same time we do not improve a change in the mentality from a local to a global dominion in all the cognitive fields concerning culture, education and economy promoting a great social impact for communities living todays a global dimension of information and market.


Undoubtedly the telelabour is important in this century but this new kind of work for the development of IS society need to be promoted, beginning to advance new professionalities of "infobroker and content providers and www multimedia technologies operators " at very high intellectual qualification" as the EGO-CreaNET/CoL-Tele-Lab Consotium will propose as an important precondition for implementing new labour opportunities in the world of the IS.


An additional urgent requirement for developing IS will be to create at regional and internazional levels the launch of an Information Technology Node Network of Research & Development Telematic Agencies, finalized to encourage IS promotion in economy and in scientific and technological aspects.


The conception of such node - network of R&D telematic Agencies (INTELAGE@) connecting regional levels and international level, will be the most important aspect of a seriously interesting social impact of EGO-CreaNET/ Col-Tele-Lab Consortium Dialogue.


In fact in the contemporary global age we observe a giant discontinuity among the "factory local economy" and the coexisting global strategies of development of IS . The lack of integration between local and global strategies can be very dangerous in the next future .


Therefore we think that to get the last achievement of integration between local ad global development. We think about a strategic cognitive plan, that we named <<GLOCAL Economy>> where "Local Economy" means the past developmental efforts of industrial society and "Global Economy" is the current IS dimension, while <<GLOCAL Economy>>, represent the future dimension of the post-industrial society.


To develop ideas for this strategic plan, we need to start in practice with an important dialog aiming to improve the necessary social, international, integration.


Therefore we will start to support a well organized informations that can be able to connect a large amount of University and Institutions of superior instruction with private and public organisms or associations that work for the development of an advanced Information Society.


In conclusion the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium participating to IDEIS Call, believe that the moment has arrived of entering in the XXI century, promoting an international numerous agreement to find an integrated common strategy to develop "Telelabour -R&D telematic Agencies" for the incoming post-industrial Information Society.


Part B 2.4

References on on-going activities and EU funding already received


No ongoing activities and EU funding are already received by the EGO-CreaNET/ CoL-Tele-Lab Consortium until now.



Paolo Manzelli, Direttore LRE/EGOCreaNET


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Cell: 0335//6760004


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