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Concorso Internazionale ThinkQuest®

Anno 1999-2000

Un concorso in Internet per studenti dai 12 ai 19 anni



ThinkQuest News
Ottobre 2000


ThinkQuest 2000 e' in fase di chiusura ed a partire dal 4 Dicembre inizieranno le iscrizioni per il prossimo anno.

Per motivi di sicurezza il meeting del Cairo e' stato sospeso a causa della situazione nel Medio Oriente e i gravi problemi in Palestina.

Procede comunque la fase di giudizio tramite internet dei lavori Finalisti del concorso 2000.

Ricordo che questo e' il secondo anno che i nostri ragazzi Italiani si fanno onore vincendo Mensioni Onorevoli, i lavori vincitori sono:

Edizione 2000
Eroismo in azione

Edizione 1999
Il neorealismo italiano tra cinema e letteratura

ThinkQuest in Italia partecipa inoltre a premi nazionali come:

Global Junior Challenge

Premio Italiano per la Formazione "ALDO FABRIS 2000"

La lista completa dei lavori partecipanti al TQ2000 e' all'indirizzo: 

La lista dei partecipanti Italiani a Tq2000


ThinkQuest 2000 Finalist Stories Include Website for Preserving Family


73-year Old Grandma Coach

Winners to Receive Scholarships and Awards Totaling $1 Million

ARMONK, N.Y. - A "how-to" website on preserving family history via the web,

and a site on public speaking coached by a 73-year old grandmother are just

two of the impressive stories coming from this year's ThinkQuest 2000

Internet Challenge. The program, which matches teens with peers from around

the world to design educational Web sites, recognizes the winning students,

coaches, and schools with scholarships and cash awards totaling almost $1


Outstanding ThinkQuest 2000 finalist sites include "The UnWritten: Saving

Your Photo Stories for the Future", a guide for preserving family history

written by three teenage cousins who found each other, learned about their

shared history and documented detailed genealogy, through their ThinkQuest

entry ( "The Art of Speech,"

coached by a 73-year old grandmother, is a must-see site for anyone planning

to speak in public ( "Van Gogh at

Etten: Sketches and Billboards" (, is

another carefully crafted, and well-researched collaboration between teens

in the Netherlands, Singapore and Nigeria.

"The ThinkQuest Internet Challenge unites students from around the globe

regardless of computer expertise - whether from inner-cities, suburban

communities, or rural villages - in their dedicated initiative to create

these wonderful educational tools that are used by millions," marvels Dr.

Terry Rogers, president and CEO of Advanced Network & Services, the

non-profit corporation that founded ThinkQuest. "With over 50,000 students

having completed the ThinkQuest journey to date, we are working to include 1

million participants, worldwide, over the next five years."

Selected from a pool of more than 6,800 students, only 70 students were

chosen as finalists in this year's ThinkQuest Internet Challenge. Most

teammates, who have never met in-person, use the Internet to complete their

entries by coordinating their workloads to accommodate the members' diverse

schedules, language differences, and radically divergent time zones.

President Clinton cited ThinkQuest as a good example of a non-profit program

helping to bridge the digital divide.

The annual ThinkQuest Internet Challenge, a philanthropic and educational

initiative, invites teams of students ages 12 to 19 to work together to

create an interactive, well-researched Web site on an educational topic of

interest to them. These teams work for more than eight months to gather

data, conduct research, and learn about the Internet as an educational

medium as they build educationally rich sites. Upon completion, the

student-created entries become a permanent part of the ThinkQuest Library,

which is made freely available to teachers, students, and Internet users

across the globe. Applications for the ThinkQuest 2001 Internet Challenge

will be accepted on-line beginning December 4, 2000 at


A panel of experts from the Internet Society conducts judging for the

ThinkQuest Web site entries, looking for compelling and accurate educational

content, technical excellence, interactivity, and imaginative use of

graphics. In addition, teams are assessed on how members collaborate by

sharing their individual knowledge, skills, and efforts.

The ThinkQuest Internet Challenge usually culminates in an annual Awards

Event with this year's gathering scheduled for Cairo, Egypt. However, due

to recent global events, ThinkQuest and their Egyptian partner, the Regional

Information Technology Software Engineering Center (RITSEC), have announced

that the ThinkQuest 2000 Award Event would not be held as planned.

"We are very proud of our finalists and will recognize the winners, but we

also feel that it is inappropriate to convene at this time of worldwide

unrest," added Dr. Terry Rogers. "It is our hope that ThinkQuest students

with their global and positive attitudes will one day become the peacemakers

and bridge-builders of tomorrow."

Students participating in ThinkQuest programs learn invaluable skills,

whether they are in grade school, college-bound or heading for a vocational

career. Acquiring skills such as time and project management, and technical

expertise, some ThinkQuest participants start their own businesses while

still in high school, and contest winners use awards to pay for college


About ThinkQuest:

Since its inception in 1996, 50,000 young Web designers from 100 countries

have participated in the not-for-profit ThinkQuest programs, competing

yearly for more than $1 million in scholarships and cash awards for

themselves and their schools. The challenge encourages collaboration,

leadership, and critical thinking and helps raise students' self-esteem,

along with their technological skills. Collectively these students, many of

whom are new to technology, have created 4,000 Web sites on topics ranging

from diplomacy to space exploration to growing up with epilepsy. These Web

sites are found in the ThinkQuest Library at, the

most heavily trafficked educational destination on the Internet with an

estimated 120 million hits, and 2.5 million unique users, per month.

ThinkQuest 2001 is scheduled to begin December 4, 2000. Interested students

should log onto for details and rules in December.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: For more information about ThinkQuest programs, B-roll, or

to meet the amazing ThinkQuest participants, call 914-765-1134.]


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