Welcome in Italy

ThinkQuest Partners Meeting 2001

Terni 2-5  February 2001

Dear Friends

Egocreanet Telematic Network and me , are very happy to have you in Italy. It is a big honour for us have in our Country the National Partners Meeting ThinkQuest 2001.

You know that UMBRIA are" the green heart "  of Italy and our land are the home of many popular  Saints  like Saint  Valentine that are Protector of Love and  Terni are Saint Valentine city , and  February are the month of Saint Valentine .

You know also Saint Francesco from Assisi , Santa Chiara , Saint Benedetto from Norcia (ora et labora)  and in our land there are many nice medioeval town and old castles. See www.umbria2000.it


I hope that this meeting can be also the start point for have you next  in Italy for more time.

For Terni national Partners meeting I hope that you can have a nice time and a very good and productive work  for ThinkQuest  program .

We shall  do our best for help you in this period  and we hope that with this meeting, we can put the bases for one million peoples that attend ThinkQuest  for the next years.

Welcome in Italy

Giuseppe Fortunati