EGO-CreaNet (Telematic Network)

Articles of Partnership

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EGO-CreaNet Association, a Telematic Network for the global spread of Observers on Creativity


EGO-CreaNet Association, without lucrative purposes, is turned to stimulate and exalt the growth of scientific, cultural and creative formation on a global level, through the utilization of Telematic Interactive Network, within culture, art, science and educational innovation.




Laboratory for Educational Research

- Florence University -

(Observatory of Presidency)










Articles of Partnership


  1. Introduction


The major part of modern ideologies, starting from the French Revolution, are based on principles of social, class, sexual, racial, religious equality. But, at the same time, modern societies must also bring out the specific differences, within their complexity. This is the problem of identities, of fellows, of small groups of people, inside of a world that becomes otherwise too much totalitarian and hierarchic, because it is depending on an exclusive will of majorities, even though everyone knows that essentially democracy means defence of minorities.

EGO-CreaNet, a Telematic Association without lucrative purposes, has been created in order to keep a strong sinergy between the idea and the praxis of the same social rights and opportunities, as well as the idea and the praxis aimed at the valorization and the protection of the differences, and therefore at the creativity of the scientific, social and cultural system; this Telematic Association undertakes to enrich and tune in social creativity of fellows and of their aggregations, also if they are small, through the utilization of the interactive networks. In fact EGO-CreaNet pursues the strategic purpose to free intellectual resources, renewing studies and experimentations about creative education of the subjectivity.


  1. Founding Members


The undersigned Paolo Manzelli and Giuseppe Fortunati, researchers of the Laboratory for Educational Research of Florence University (LRE abbr.), for the project of educational innovation called "Projecting the future of Interactive Communication", have decided to establish an Association called Telematic Network for the "Global Expansion of Observers on Creativity", (EGO-CreaNet abbr.).


  1. Purposes


EGO-CreaNet Association has been constituted as an association without lucrative purposes, turned to introduce in the contemporary development of society of ěnformation, its change in a "society of knowledge", and then EGO-Creanet undertakes to exalt the "intellectual property" within new relations that can be established among technologies of interactive information, economy and society. For this purpose, it is going to constitute, through the promotion of "supports", "alliances" and "sinergies" in the field of interactive communication, an infrastructure of Observers on Creativity connected by net, which are able to contribute with their co-operation to the creative growth of fellows, associations and institutions, and to give important contributions for the development of society of global information through the utilization of telematic interactive network, within culture, art, science and educational innovation.

Since its origin, EGO-CreaNet Association, which in the following phase, in comparison with the initial stage of foundation, is going to take shape as an "association of telematic associations", engages to bring out, spread and protect every creative form and expression, and for this reason, it is going to begin on a national and international level, programs of information and training about new knowledges, pursuing and following up studies and experimentations on the "cerebral creative development" of Laboratory for Educational Research of Florence University.

As we said above, this Association wants to stimulate a wider conscious participation of people, to the choices and strategies of development of cultural democracy in our planet.


  1. Seat and length, aggregation of sleeping partners

and development of the co-operation

EGO-CreaNet Association fixes its registered office c/o LRE, Department of Chemistry of Florence University in 77, Maragliano Street - 50144 - Florence.

(Tel.: +39/(0)55/332549; Fax: +39/(0)55/354845; e_Mail:

The Association’s length is unlimited. The founding members of the Association constitute the Observatory of EGO-CreaNet Chairmanship, and they propose to increase the Association, promoting the constitution of new groups of fellows, Associations or Institutions, that will join to it, pursuing similar finalities as "EGO-CreaNet Observers", which will subscribe the engagement to be connected by net with all the associate observers. New individual or collective partners are considered as sleeping partners. The applications for admission or support will be directly judged by the founding members of the Association, that will approve by mutual consent, both the aggregation of new Observers, which remain autonomous, and individual supports to the "Observatory of Presidency on Creativity".

A Partner must have an unimpeachable, moral and civil behaviour, both inside the Association and in social life, observing the rules of the present articles of partnership rigorously; besides a new partner must attend the Meetings frequently and regularly, and all the projects promoted by the Association, cooperating also actively with his personal work, for the good functioning of the Association. If a partner doesn’t respect the above-stated duties, he will be excluded from the Association, with a resolution requested from the Meeting adopted with the majority of its members. In consequence of the expulsion, the Partner will not be part of the Association immediately.

At any moment, a Partner can resign from the Association, with a written communication also by e_mail and confirmed by a registered letter to the Chairman.

EGO-CreaNet Association will promote in the most appropriate ways, agreements of co-operation, conventions and aggregations with other national and international associations, that can pursue analogous or complementary aims.


  1. Chairman and Vice-Chairman


The founding members, Paolo Manzelli and Giuseppe Fortunati, signers of the deed of partnership, assume respectively the offices of Chairman and Vice-Chairman of EGO-CreaNet Association. The term of these offices is of two years; the appointments of Chairman and Vice-Chairman are renewable within next annual meetings of the Association.

Paolo Manzelli, Chairman of the Association and Director of LRE, is also the "legal person in charge" of EGO-CreaNet Association in all administrative and legal respects; he has the authority, on his own personal responsibility, to have recourse to banking transactions, in order to anticipate expenses for cultural and scientific projects of the Association.


  1. Social Organs

The Organs of EGO-CreaNet Association are the Meeting of Partners, the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the Board of directors for the Observers.

Those who will result to be regular members of the Association, have the right and the duty to attend the Meetings and to give their own vote. The Meeting represents the total number of partners; its resolutions, legally taken, bind all partners. The Meeting must be convened by the Chairman annually, in an ordinary session and every time it is called for particular reasons, and it will take place by "e_mail".

The Meeting of Partners can take place "On line" through dialogue at a certain distance (Networking Telelecture, etc.). The convocation is through a communication at least seven days before the Meeting, with the indication of the themes to discuss. The Meeting is ordinary and extraordinary, and in both cases, it deliberates in a single convocation.

The ordinary Meeting has a competence about every theme concerning association’s life. The ordinary Meeting is validly constituted by the presence of many partners, which must represent over the half of all members, and it deliberates with the favourable vote of the absolute majority of those present. This ordinary Meeting elects, at maturity, the Chairman and the Vice-Chairman among the Partners, with the majority of half plus one of those present.

The extraordinary Meeting is competent about the modifications of the present articles of partnership and of the Association’s dissolution.

The extraordinary Meeting is validly constituted by the presence and the favourable vote, at least of three quarters of all partners and the approval of the founding members. The pertinent minutes are drawn up by a notary.

The Board of directors for the Observers is represented by an odd number of partners appointed from the Meeting, that remain in office for a year. The Board of directors for the Observers suggests projects and it organizes the Association’s life; it appoints the Secretary-General of the Board, which remains in office for a year, with duties of a guarantor for the observance of the Charter of Principles, and for the correct execution of the modalities for the admission.

  1. Financing


The receipts of EGO-CreaNet Association will be based on voluntary contributions of individual or collective partners, like those of associate Observers, that will have an administrative and legal autonomy.

Besides the receipts will base on possible donations of supporters, as well as on contributions of Public and Private, National and International Institutions, which will support, and in any case they finance the projects and cultural, scientific and educational research of EGO-CreaNet Association.


  1. Projects


Because of new cognitive and productive requirements, EGO-CreaNet Association, in close collaboration with studies and experimentations of LRE and other national and international research Centers on "creative cerebral development", promotes conferences, study congress and seminars through traditional and telematic systems, schools, vocational trainings and refresher courses both in local and distant seat; EGO-CreaNet Association announces competitions, national and international prizes, produces material for educational innovation, books and magazines, and in the electronic publishing trade, it realizes services of documentation and data base by Internet, produces audio-visual cd-rom, applications of competent systems and of virtual reality ... and everything that can contribute for the spread and the creative progress of culture, art, science and educational innovation, promoting people’s creativity, together with their global and aware outlook of the world.


  1. Dissolution


For the resolution of EGO-CreaNet Association’s dissolution, is required the approval of three quarters of members, who have the right to vote, and the approval of the founding members.

  1. General regulations


For all aspects, that haven’t been explicitly provided from the present articles of partnership, it makes a right reference to the regulations in force of the Civil Code about associative matter.

Translated by Vulpiani Vincenzo