"Virtual Dynamo of Innovation"

Leonardo Da Vinci community action programme



(EgoCreaNet –University of Florence Italy)

see: www.narnia.it/forcoprecanet/ and : www.egocreanet.it



  1. Overall objective and criteria in preparing new significance Actions of innovation for implementing European Knowledge Economy.
  2. ŕ During the research on educational innovation on LEONARDO FORCOPRECANET Project , EGOCREANET focused the main objective in the need to create a community action program (named Open Network For New Science // ON-NS) , in a way that this multi-actorial cluster, would be co- organised as a mixture of transdisciplinary backgrunds , in a way that it will be useful to generate a deep impact on intellectual employment and

    This overal obiective is a conseguence of the observation and convinction of EGOCREANET; " the Knowledge Economy competitiveness is a question of innovative scientific culture and creative management.

    ŕ The" virtual dynamo of innovation" is based on actions based on implementing a dissemination of "Mental Change" .As a matter of facts at the heart of Knowledge Economy innovation is the extension and the popularization of the technological and scientific progress at social level in a way that European Knowledge Society can develop social innovation within high consciousness and prosperity.

  3. ACTIONS engaged by EGOCREANET .



C) - Conclusion: EGOCREANET, woking on the basis of those overall obiectives and actions, recently proposes to the "TUSCANY REGION" , to create a new "International Agency for Creative Knowledge Development" aiming stimulate the demand of scientific and cultural innovation and favouring to open people minds forward to new ways of thinking to the future development and long term sustainability of Europoean Knowledge Ecomomy .





Seeds of change : http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/seeds_of_change.htm


Ricerca ed Innovazione: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/ricerca_e_innovazione.htm


OPEN NETWORK for NEW SCIENCE : http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/onns_congress.htm


Uno Sguardo al futuro della Sienza: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/settimana_scienza_05.pdf


MEKEM PROJECT: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/mekem_project.htm


DYNAMIC ROUTING: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/dynamic_routing.htm


MENTAL CHANGE: http://www.edscuola.it/archivio/lre/mental/interna6it.htm