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Giuseppe Fortunati informer consultant is born in 1950 at NARNI (TR) where he lives in 3, Primo Aspromonte alley .His telephone number is +39,744,726290.

In Florence he attends the engineering faculty with bioelectronic specialization. In this wonderful town he refines his artistic sensitivity, attending painting and theatrical courses (also with the famous Edoardo De Filippo).

He goes in for a great deal of works: from the tourist guide to the physics teacher, from an onlooker (bystander) at the Florentine musical May to the unloader at the rail mail .

In that period he composes words and music of about 20 songs of variants kinds. In 1977 he is interested in solar energy, he visits the "Cern" in GINEVRA, he takes part in the "Vel" project at the nuclear research center of the Casaccia in ROME. He goes to England to visit the "Autonomous House" and there lives for some months. From 1979 he is a Sales Engineer for the M.E.D.I.CO. firm in Italy, in the cardiology sector. He meets and works with the most important Chief physicians of the national hospitals. In 1982 he becomes area Manager in the center, southern of Italy for the CBM firm, he attends the world cardiology congress in Moscow and Paris, he is responsible of the halter line of the French firm "Ela Medical". In 1983 he is a town councilor in the Common of Narni. In 1984 he decides to follow his computer vocacy, and starts organizing the exhibition "Information that is", which obtains a good success of audience, he opened a small computer shop. In 1985 he manages a course for the Common of Terni, for over a thousandth of "Scuola Media" children, whose end Piero Angela, Rai television journalist, intervenes. In the 86/87 year he participates to a TV program about the diffusion of the information culture, with services about on the Texas Instruments, on the SMAU in Milan, on the Acciaierie in Terni (steel enterprises) and many others. In the meanwhile he operates as a consulting and training operator for many firms and enterprises of Terni for some years he is registered on the "Crued" educator roll (Umbrian regional data processing center),he directs information courses for municipal and ULSS employees at Orvieto. He is a member of the National Micro and personal computer review. He is an A.I.P. porter(Professional Informatic Association) and he is present in the Alfa line national information year book. In the some period he starts a extracurricular teaching relationship by the "F. Cesi " a Terni technical high school, where he teaches about a hundredth of future accountants computer programmers. In 1989 he invented on a sperimental level the first local Data Base "Umbria Net" and he specializes in telematics at Terni and its province. He attends ESA IRS courses (European space agency), and he is user of the European Data Bank "ECHO". Thanks to his commercial activity, he experiences all the PC evolution. He starts thinking a new form of Democracy, which uses telematics, in order to inform citizens using an automatic system, directly at home.

Now , among his several activities, he is one of the planners of the first telematic application at Terni, "THE POLLUTION DATA RELEVATING PROJECT". He cooperates with the working equip on the Information Technology of the Scientific technologic Park at Terni. He actively participates in the Bibliomediateca at Terni, multimedia container of news and new technologies. He is linked from some time to the Internet world where he has relationships with the main universities in the world.

Fortunati are also Coordinator of different international project in Internet like Thinkquest , GJC and iEARN see also :