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The premiere of the Narnia movie in Italy

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the wardrobe of Dèlirantic at Narni

   The premiere of the Narnia movie in Italy

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The premiere of the Narnia movie in Italy has achieved public and critical acclaim in Narni, the small town from which the author C.S. Lewis took the name for his Narnia books. The screening took place in the Communal theatre in the presence of the Mayor, the Vicar of the Terni-Narni-Amelia parish, and various public officials of the Province and of the Region of Umbria. A video produced by students of the Terni branch of the University of Perugia and from the University of Rome, who are taking a course in SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF ARTISTIC PRODUCTION at the Faculty of Educational Sciences in order to become directors or scenarists, was also presented on that occasion.

Students make also a 1 minute dvd about Narnia and Narni  director are  Pietro Ciavattini with the help of Mariangela Fortunati and a  10 persons team , with Annalisa, Paolo , Marco ect....

Actor ar the boys and girls  : 

Emy, Francesco Maria, Vera, Andrea and Rossi with more students from Narni's  schools


video was on air on Italian Television RAI 1
on the VideoNews at 12-20-2005
on  Rai Uno.
by Vincenzo Mollica.





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