The Winner   of  the award
" Vinci Narnia a Narni"

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The Winner of the award
" Vinci Narnia a Narni"


Narni's Municipality in collaboration

with  Buena vista Italy and   Disney International,

for the film " Prince Caspian" ,

start an European Award

The prize are

weeks all inclusive at  Narnia land  in Umbria  region.

This is the Winner :

For Spain

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Vincente Family  , from  Valencia .

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this is the young Valente boy

For  Germany

we have three winners, they partecipated with German news paper

vincgermaniatutti.jpg (98900 byte) You can see the winner in the medioeval Narni .

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Winner from Nederland

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They partecipated with Zigo award , a very big Tv by cable .

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The organizzation of the tour in Italy and the italian week are Ditt ( Distretto Turistico Ternano).

We give you like exemple and interview make to the Germany winner


Name ;Mathias Hertel

Country … Germany

- Tell us about you .( your work , your city , and hobbies)

I live in Freiburg and work at an Hospital . I like Bike Riding, cinema and diving.


  • How do you know the competition " Narnia and Narni ?????

It was in a Magazin called " Max"


- What do you like in the film "Prince Caspian "??????

I like fantasy, so i liked the fightes (expecially the fighting mouse)

But I think , the film was more for the younger ones.



- what do you think about the city of Narni ?????

A very nice medioeval city , with old buldings , a very impressive Rocca, The atmosphere is great , I like the narrow street and the view into the landscape . It is very clean and has very gentle inhabitants.


- Which analogies have you or have you not found between the Narnia’s films and the city of Narni ?????

Aslan in the museum. The winged figures in the emblem. Lucia is the named also St. Lucia.


Have you been in Umbria before ? No

And in Italy ? Yes , to the nord (lago Maggiore , Como Garda) Milano.

Which other foreign countries you did you visited as a tourist ?

France , Spain (mallorca), Domenican Repubblic, Netherland, Danmark

- do you like the Umbria region , and why ??????

The green heart of Italy. Old citys, historical monuments , a great landscape, Etrusks, Roman, churces, Historical events everywhere.



- which are the resources or places you did appreciate more during this travel in Narnia Land and Umbria district ????

Assisi( but too many people), Orvieto , the waterfalls (Marmore) and Narni.



- Which will be your comments about your experience in Narni when you go home ?????

I saw a lot of History in 7 days , but now my feet hurl. Umbria is worth a visit . You need time to visit everythings. We had too many sites in our days. Too work to memorize.


What about the acceptance you received by our organization ?

Really very good, the agency make everthing for make our visit as confortable as possible. The dinners were delicius . Only the best and more beautiful restorants.


Any comments ……

We visit a lot, the guide showed us a lot of Churches , frescos and so on. Three cities in one day is a little bit too much . I would appreciate a bigger mixture between monuments and nature . But this is not a critic, only a hint.


Other impressions that you like share with us .............................

Thank you for a wonderful week . Everything was perfet. Thank to our tourguide, the bus driver and Deborah and the team of Ditt.





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