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program "gtRagazzi"

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Narni's Schools to the  television for  "Narnia"

Boys and Girls from Elementary School " A. e G. Garibaldi" Narni    on-air at the television program "gtRagazzi"

7 June on  the italian  television it is on air a movies about  Narni and Narnia made by a   the journalist      Monica Carovani.

This short shot for students that are involved in the project iEARN Narnia are very excitant  .
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All stat some week ago when the jouralist ask to  the school manager Mirella Cimini to make some shoot at Narni's town . the teacher Salvini Lauretta coordinate this meeting with parents, students and teachers.

Shoot start to the  Augusto's Roman Bridge and  Noemi , Andrea and  Filippo Maria  tell us the link between Nar Narnia and Narni that start from the name of the Narni's river "Nar".

At the elementary School,  Paolo, Giulio, Andrea, Annalisa , Simone e Giuliana Emilia show the school library and the computer's room .

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At the first class room , we can see the "murales" made by Laura, the parent that help us to draw this picture.

At the computer's room students show how they work at the Narnia iEARN project

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The shoot  have also some immages from Narni town and some music by Chiara, Federica and  Lucy whit the help of Pierfrancesco , Bruno in medioeval dress. The dance   involved: Elettra, Vera, Noemi, Carolina , Elisa, Cristiana, Cecilia, Marica Amii, Federica, Lucia and others girls  and this immages , end

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Narnia reportage.
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