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    "Narnia and Narni" book

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"Narnia e Narni"
a book by

Giuseppe Fortunati

Narnia e Narni 
From History to Fantasy 
Discover the land of Narni(a) 

Published by Heos 

“Narnia and Narni. From History to Fantasy” is the new book by Giuseppe Fortunati. The writer talks about the reasons C.S. Lewis chose the name "Narnia" for his wonderful land. Narnia was, from 299 B.C., the Latin name of Narni in Umbria . 

In the book, Fortunati tells about Lewis, a teacher at Oxford and Cambridge, and about Latin studies (Plinius the elder and younger, Tacitus, etc.). You can read as well about the ancient history that links Narnia to the ancient Romans, the medieval Narnia that gave birth to Gattamelata, celebrated by a Donatello statue in Padova and the 20 governors of Florence originating from Narnia during the Renaissance.

“Narnia and Narni, From History to Fantasy,” is the new book by Giuseppe Fortunati (Published by Heos). The writer explains the cultural background which led C.S. Lewis to write “The Chronicles of Narnia”  (made into a Disney motion picture with the same title, now showing worldwide) and why he chose to call his wonderful land, the scene of his saga about the eternal struggle between good and evil, “Narnia”.

In the book, not only does Fortunati tell us how Lewis, a lecturer at Oxford and a professor at Cambridge, found documents about Narnia, but also those Latin sources (Pliny the Elder, Pliny the Younger, Tacitus, etc.) he consulted.  

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on line avalable at IBN

Heos Editrice 112 pages, 15.00 euros.

ISBN: 8890225610


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