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“Chronicles of Narnia”

The "Narnia  iEARN school Project "

In the 2002 we start to work with some schools in Narni town in Italy , for share also with young peoples , the "Chronicles of Narnia" books, that till now , are not very well know in Italy.

The project deals with the following activities: to read the book and look the materials produced with the multimedia supports; to compare the religious aspects of the book , to go into the study the other books like "Harry Potter" and " The lord of the Rings" , to realize the pictures imaging the scenes of the books.
Other activities realized until now are: We realized a collection of multimedia materials from different countries in the world, and these materials were translated in the different languages of the schools partaking the project.
During this school year an exhibition of the covers of these books was organised. Moreover a company is realizing a film about the "Chronicles of Narnia" for the next year.
Some other students do also a Theatre exhibition and for this work a school year for do it and many student and teacher are involved for do it , and at the last they show " The lion the witch and the wardrobe " at Narni Theatre and also in other near Theatre.

In the same time we work in internet for have national and international contact and we find many other peoples involved in this beautiful adventure.
We can show you a little rapport about it:
• 40 students from Elementary School of Narni (10-11year)
• 60 students from Liceum Scientifich Gandhi di Narni (for theatre work “ Oltre l’armadio”)
• 22 old men by University for old peoples Narni that are doing an Internet work.
• 25 students (3-4-5 years old) of school dell’Infanzia sez. G IC “Don Milani” from Latina
• 12 students from Liceo Artistico Statale di Latina, rif. Prof. Carlo Nati

• 20 students from High School ITC  of Narni (16-18 year olds) CDRom  producer.

• 12 students from Liceo Scientifico Tecnologico Marconi di Latina, rif. Prof. Claudio Castelli
• 12 students from hight school from Perugia, rif. Prof. M.Bracardi e G.Cesarini that work with reality work from Chronicles of Narnia Awedu “ingioco6” from Perugia.
In the 2005 star a Book Games in Terni city that involved about 20 middle school , ( about 400 students and teachers) that have like reference book Chronicles of Narnia and students have a competition about it.

At international level we have some contact with iEARN organization that put our work in the iEARN project book so we have contact with some teacher like :
Alice Ball from Canada
Agustin Bosso from Argentina
Anna Karakhanyan from Armenia
Mihkel Pilv from Estonia
Yuri Romanenkov from Lithuania
Melo Tungol from Philippines
Spiros Tzelepis from Greece

You can see also at :


we hope also that more peoples can share with us this experience that can link togheter school teachers and students all around the world.
We are waiting also for you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Narnia Town is now named NARNI and is very close to Rome.




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