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The initiatives of the schools

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Narnia's murales project

Pakistan mural



In Italy:liceo Galilei Lanciano


iEARN Italian Project


Qatar School


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Kobe G8 in Giappone

Project for peace Otricoli


Project Narni Scalo e Los Cerros


Project Narnia Gjc 2009

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Istambul School  Turchia

Principe Caspian  international


Narnia's puzzles project

Gloucester School and Nerva

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Active World Narnia


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Murales in Japan

Rome Educational City


School Castelchiaro Narni


Scuola Santa Lucia di Narni


Riflessions Ohio about  Narnia news.gif (2210 byte)

San Vito lo Capo Sicilia


Scuola di Eboli maestra Angela 

Rai Televisione "gtRagazzi" a Narnia

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Narnia in Japan

Narnia project in the Schools

Award "The magic Wardrobe"


Narnia Book Games

In Italy: Rimini

FotoContest Spagna

In Italy: Latina

Sister City IEARN news.gif (2210 byte)

In Italy:Vermezzo (Milano)


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In Argentina

In Armenia (24 KB)

In Estonia (42 KB)

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In Finlandia

In Italy:Lanciano

My Hero Fortunati 

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In Platovo Russia



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ideazione e progettazione Giuseppe Fortunati
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