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Narnia's Puzzles 


“Narnia's Puzzles  ”

The basic idea are link students that work togheter all around the world starting from internet and in a traditional way.

For  the project Narnia's Puzzle    are involved  American  schools and Italian school that share togheter element of   Puzzles made about the tales "The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe".

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Partecipating Class are:

Salvini Lauretta  Direzione Didattica I Circolo Via Saffi, 43 05035 Narni Italy

Mrs. Major Waverly Park Elem 320 Waverly Ave. East Rockaway, NY 11518  New York

Mrs. Smith West End School 30 Clark Ave, Lynbrook, NY 11563

Mrs. Bithell  Mariposa Elem. 1111 Mariposa   Ave. Brea, CA 92821

Clara Barton Elem. 1926 Clearbrook Ln   Anaheim, CA 92804

For exemple the general base for Italy is:

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First immages from the Puzzles web site send from New York

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About the Schedule for Creating and Mailing Puzzle Pieces you can see at   :

Schedule Narnia's Puzzle .

For more puzzles

We are waiting also for you  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

for see where are the schools clic here



For see all the  Puzzles web site



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