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iEARN, the International Education and Resource Network, is a non-profit organization that works to connect schools and youth organizations via email, web and video technologies, in order to empower young people, to connect classroom learning with real world issues, and to work collaboratively.

iEarn Project: Narnia And C.S. Lewis

* Narnia is a well read and well known series of fantasy novels created by C.S Lewis. The series consists of seven novels in which the stories are set on a fantasy land "Narnia". The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader is one of the seven novels. But Narnia really exist and now are named Narni and is a city in the centre of Italy .

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We work with the italian Coordinator of this project , and international facilitator Giuseppe Fortunati , that help us to find informations and also some little tools for work togheter .

For exemple we share the costrutions of some little " Dawn treader" starting for some little paper , gloue and many please to work with Italian Students and teachers.



Teacher: Mrs.Riffat Tahir School Name: Pakistan Education Centre,Doha-Qatar Class Description:

Age Group: 15-18 years Number of Students: 20 It is a Higher Secondary School Level (All Girls) Class. It is a group of students from grade 11 & 12. It is a hetrogenious group-Science & Commerce Group. The whole group is active and fond of activity based learnig. All the students are Pakistanis. They speak Urdu & English. The chosen group is familiar with Narnia Stories. The students in the group also like sketching & painting and some of them take part in competitions of sketching & Painting.


ILLUSTRATIONS OF "The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader" :

* The Ship; The Dawn Treadrer On Its Way:qatar.jpg (113266 byte)


Caspian And The Party Enslaved By The Slave Merchant:qatar2.jpg (130284 byte)


Near The Dragon's Cave:

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Eustace As a Noble Dragon:

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* Sea Serpent Attacking The Dawn Treader:

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* The Magician's Book:

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* Caspian & His Party Enjoying The Feast Given By The Dufflepuds:

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* Dufflepuds Celebrating Their Visibility After They Have Become Visible:


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* Three Sleepers At Aslan's Table:

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* Retired Star And His Daughter Singing A Morning Song:

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* Dawn Treader Sailing Through The Lily Lake:

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* Lucy, Edmund & Eustace At The Verge Of The Human World:


Fantasy Story Created For The iEarn Project.

Three Reckless Souls


Three Friends! An odd triplet! Always arguing and opposing one another’s view point, poles apart yet were inseparable.

 Stephanie was a teen of seventeen, wore her black hair in sort cut.  She was bold, brave, straight forward, intelligent and good at studies but too much talkative, and a bit tom boyish. She was an adventurer and loved to explore places. She was averse to fashion and would dress up tastelessly. So, was always seen in simple jeans, t-shirts and canvas shoes.

 Rachel was beautiful, innocent, and nervous and seemed a bit susceptible. She dressed up simply but nicely. She was quiet and least expressive among the three. She was a true nature lover and was fond of beautiful landscape. Her hobbies were gardening, and flower arrangement. She was only sixteen. She was very good at studies.

 Hillary was easygoing, irresponsible and careless. The only thing she cared about was her appearance. She wore her blonde long hair in an exquisite style. She was always seen dressed up after the fashion of the day. She used to watch horror movies and read Fantasy stories and that is why she believed in witches and witchcraft. She was average in studies.   

It was   Rachel’s birthday so Stephanie suggested spending the day out amidst beautiful nature as a treat for Rachel. "Wow! That’s great. But we must start the packing and the stuff right now" cried Rachel.

Hillary rejected the proposal and put in for a theatre. But the other two forced her to give in.

In an hour, everything was packed and ready. They left for a small but beautiful valley where they once camped last summer.

 They reached their destination in about two hours, and chose a sunny place amidst trees and set things for a whole day stay. After the job was done, they felt tired and thirsty. Rachel looked for the water bottles, but could not find any. “Hillary! Where did you place the bottle of water” she asked Hillary who was occupied by a novel.

 Hillary had forgotten them on the table. Stephanie shouted,” You are good for nothing beauty queen. I’m sure; you didn’t forget bringing you make-up”.

“Don’t shout Stephee! It’s not a big deal” said Hillary.

“Not a big deal! Are you in your senses? How‘d we do without water?” yelled   Stephanie.

Rachel intervened to calm them down and suggested to find water in the neighborhood.

 They got up to find some water from a house in the vicinity. Together, and they were talking to each other while walking. After sometime they noticed that they had come quite far from the spot they had stayed. In fact, they had lost their way. None of could understand the way, they were quite confused. They sat under a tree, tired and perplexed.

 "Now, how’re we going to reach home, we’ve completely lost the way, I’m so hungry arrghhh!" said Stephanie.

"May be someone help us”, said Rachel.

 "Who? These trees?” jeered Stephanie.

"I said may be" replied Rachel.

 As they were arguing, an old woman with a stick in her hands, wearing a long white overcoat, came to there from nowhere. She had a wrinkled face, pointed nose, grey hair. She wore a friendly smile and seemed to be a nice lady.

"Do you need any help?" asked the lady politely.

"Oh, yes! We have come here for camping but we’ve lost our way", Hillary said.

 "Don’t worry! I live at a short distance from here. Come with me, I’ll help you" said the lady with sweet smile on her face.

 Stephanie had a strange feeling about the old lady. Although, the old woman was beautiful from all standards of beauty yet Stephanie could not decide whether she was beautiful or ugly. To her the old lady appeared to be a weird old woman. So, she took her friends aside and asked them not to follow her. But, Hillary wanted an adventure so she had already started following the old lady. Stephanie and Rachel had to follow them.

The girls followed the woman to an unknown place; They were a bit confused, curious and thankful, too. They reached a river to their surprise, the women touched water with her stick and there was a gap in the water. She nodded them to follow her and followed her as if they were in a trance. They reached on Island where the landscape was unusually beautiful.

Everything was bright, colorful and extremely beautiful. It had a lot of greenery, long trees and different flowers of all colours could be seen everywhere. They came to know, later, that the Island was a work of medicate island was so beautiful that it appeared to Eden,. The woman then took them to a huge, great palace. The palace was a wonderful piece of art, it was purple and turquoise colored. Its design was just outstanding; it shined like silver .It had extensive landscape gardens with excellent views of bays. It had many fountains and waterfalls.

 Rachel was taken in by the beauty of the place; she plucked a flower and placed it in her book. After some minutes when she opened the book, she found the flower rotten dead, she didn't understand what'd happened. She simply ignored it. She did not tell her friends about it.

 Stephanie picked up a stone and threw it into a stream passing by. She noticed that it did not sink. Instead,  of floating on the water surface. It seemed strange to her but she did not bother about it much.

All of the three did not understand that in what kind of place they were being taken. The old woman told them that it was her palace. She took them in. She started showing them different rooms one by one. Hillary saw that one room was left, so she asked

"What’s in that room?"

 "It’s the same room as the others are nothing special" said the old woman.

Hillary got curious. She wanted to know what was in that room. So, while the old woman was in another room with Stephanie and Rachel, she stealthily went into that room. The room was empty; there was nothing except a huge, strange thing, covered with a dust covered white cloth. She slowly came to it, and removed the cloth, as soon as she did so, a voice came,

"Go, go away! Just go away from here! Go away for your life.”


She was so frightened that she could not think whose voice was that, she quickly put the cloth back and ran from the room to her friends. The old woman was around so she could not tell her friends about it.


After that, a grand meal was served to them. Every kind of appetizers, roasted and steamed food was present there. It looked delicious, tasty. So, they all started at once and ate to their fill.

After the meal, the women told them that it was getting dark outside. So, they should spend the night at her palace because it wasn’t possible to find their camp in the dark. So the servant made their beds and they all went to sleep for they were very tired.

At midnight, a strange noise woke Stephanie but she could not make out what the sound was. She opened the door and saw a shadow of a strange creature. He had a hunched back and was wearing a hood. She followed the shadow furtively; she hid herself behind a wall, carefully holding her breath tried to listen to the voices.

"I want the lives of these three girls to prolong my life and to recover my youth I lost during the last month. Have an eye on them; they should not get a clue about my plans. I am going to sacrifice all the three girls to Satan tomorrow when the sun rises’ the old lady gave the shadow the detailed plan.

Stephanie was shocked. She slowly and warily went back into the bedroom and woke her friends up and told them what she'd heard.

The other two were frightened for a while but they calmed each other. Then Rachel told about the rotten flower she plucked and Hillary told about the talking mirror.

They all got very scared, their lives were in danger.

Stephanie suggested that they should go to the room again to see what the talking mirror was.

The three went into the secret room again carefully. Hillary removed the cloth from the mirror. The mirror started talking again.

"Why’ve you come here, girls? Why do you want to risk your lives? Run away or you'll regret later."

Hillary cried like a child said, “We came here for camping, we lost our way, the old woman promised to help us and has brought us here. Now, we are trapped and do not know the way out.”

"I may help you but I’m telling you before that one person can ask me only one question in his or her entire life."

The girls looked at each other, they were confused. What to ask. Then they came up with three questions.

Rachel asked the first question, “Tell us what kind of world is this and give a historical background with each and every detail."

Mirror began, “This is an unreal world made by Zaisha, the Witch. Once there was a queen named Angelina. She was the most beautiful woman. She was pretty, nice and wise. With her wisdom, she ruled this world excellently. But the evil comes where the good exists. Zaisha was one of her loyal servants. She was jealous of the queen’s beauty and wisdom. Through evil ways and through black magic, she captured the queen, took away her beauty and became the queen herself. But the real and true beauty of this world fades away in a short time due to her evil prevailing here. Now, she has recreated this world but all the things in this world are artificial and short-lived. Now she needs the life of human beings to increase her life and beauty and to keep her powers and this world in her control. She’s been taking the lives of beautiful teenaged girls for many years. She’s kept the bodies of the unfortunate girls in a dungeon in this palace whose lives she has already taken."

This all was unbelievable for the three girls. They felt as if they were in the middle of a night mare.

Then, Hillary asked the second question, “How can we kill the witch and put an end to her evil?”

The mirror said, “To destroy her, take advantage of her weakness and her weakness is that she cannot stand the presence of moonlight at night. You can kill her by throwing a beam of moonlight onto her. I’ll be glad if I’m of any use to annihilate the witch.”

Stephanie asked the last question, “After finishing her, how can we escape from this world?"

Mirror answered, “After she is finished, this world made by her will also be disappear. You’ll automatically reach the place in the valley, where you were before."

Now the girls discussed that there were two ways either the witch should be brought into the moonlight or moonlight can be directed on her. Hillary came up with the idea that one of them should go into her room and she should at once throw light onto the   Witch. She’ll be finished due to the presence of light. But it was a difficult job to do, intact the scariest one. Hillary and Rachel were looking at Stephanie because they knew that she was bold and brave and could do it. First, Stephanie hesitated, but then she mustered up her courage and agreed. She took the mirror with her and went towards the woman's room. Rachel and Hillary stayed outside the room so that if there's any problem they would help her.

Stephanie knocked at the door, the woman opened it and asked, “what’s wrong, why are you here in the middle of the night?"

Stephanie replied, “I heard some strange voices coming from somewhere. I think someone has come here I’m afraid."

The woman asked, “Have you awake your friends up?"

"No, not yet."

The woman said, "Okay, I'll come with you, show me where the voices are coming from?"

As the woman turned around, she tried her friends threw a beam of moonlight upon the old women. The woman screamed. Her appearance was changing, her face became ugly, old and miserable, her fingers became thin, her nails became longer, her voice changed, the beauty of her face changed into horrible ugliness. Stephanie was stepping backwards, she was not in her senses, she was extremely frightened, and she did not know what to do.

The old woman grabbed her from her shoulders and tried to kill her with a dagger she was holding. But, Stephanie pushed her back and ran to the door. Zaisha was screaming and was burning to ashes and smoke.

As soon as she died, the palace, the vegetation started vanishing as if they were evaporating. The entire palace vanished, all its rooms, gardens, fountains, flowerbeds and everything disappeared and the three girls were transported to the same place in the valley they had stayed.

After some time, a helicopter came to rescue them. Their parents had reported their disappearance. So, the helicopter took them away. All of them reached at their homes safe and sound.

The media men were already present there; they asked them the whole incident.

The three girls became known and popular overnight. For, they had saved the lives of many teenaged girls who would be killed by the Witch. They made their country proud. They got a heroic status. All the time their interviews were broadcasted on TV. They became quite rich with the money they were offered for their interviews. They helped the needy people a lot for they had a narrow escape from death. They had done a wonder.

They are still fast friends and quarrel the same way.

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