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Platovo Russia

"The voyage of the Down Treader"


from Platovo, Russia.

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village of Platovo,

Krasnosulinsky district, Rostov region

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My name is Irene Gulakova and I’m a Russian teacher of English. These are my 8th graders. We live in the village of Platovo which is situated in Krasnosulinsky district, Rostov region, Russia (the Azov sea is in three hours ride from our place). My students have recently read the book "The voyage of the "Dawn Treader". Honor, duty, charity, worship, friendship - that is they liked the most in this book. They learnt that they could change their characters and become better people. Thanks to this novel my students found good points in their characters and appearance. The author made them worry about Eustace’s materialistic nature and then he showed a better boy thanks turning into a dragon. Children couldn't help admiring Reepicheep’s deeds.

Approaching of the wise Lion called Aslan always impressed. One can’t but take into consideration the lessons of wisdom that Aslan gave to children.

And these are my 6th graders.

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Ideas and drawings about

"The voyage

of the "Dawn Treader"

The book that helped me not to lose my individuality.

I don’t agree with those who say that "The Chronicles of Narnia" can be read only in childhood. This is a book for all ages. I’m a teenager and I know the problems that Lucy had. First I thought that she was right when she took a page out of the Magician’s book because she wanted to look prettier like every teenage girl wants. But Aslan’s words impressed me very much. When he said that, having done that she had lost her individuality, trying to look like her sister. I reread the book and noticed that Lucy was a very nice girl and she didn’t need help of the magic book. Thanks to this book I found good points in my character and in my appearance. I’ll try to be myself in order not to lose my individuality.


Rima Gizhlaryan

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I can’t help admiring Mouse’s deeds. Reepichip took care of Eustace though he was not a very nice and kind boy. He calmed him down even when Eustace was transformed into a dragon. It was touching! I wish I had such a friend! As they say "A friend in need is a friend indeed!"

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Nastya Sidelskaya

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My first impressions of the dragon were strong. So I painted it in bright colors trying to show that this new form would help Eustace to improve his character.

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Irina Muhina


Eustace is anxious to help

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There was a good moment in the book when the dragon using his tail helped the ship to sail. The author pointed out that Eustace’s character had been rather improved by becoming a dragon. Having turned into a dragon Eustace realized that he wanted to be friends with Caspian, Edmund and Lucy. He would have been grateful for a kind word even from Reepicheep. He was anxious to help. He got quite new to him pleasure of being liked and, still more, of liking other people. I think it was the most exciting moment in the book because at the beginning of the book Eustace was a profit-seeking person and in the end he was taught to earn money and treasures for his heart not for his hands. Alex Vasiliev, Nick Svinaryov

Aslan is the greatest teacher!

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I strongly believe that good must overcome evil. But some people don’t understand it. And there must be people who can teach them how to do it. From my point of view one of the greatest teachers is the Lion, Aslan by name. He is a real teacher of wisdom, honesty and kindness. He gave good advice to everybody in the book pointing out to their merits and demerits. Thus trying to make them better than they are.

Victor Ovchinnikov


Reepicheep is my hero

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I also was a little surprised when I saw a strange creature approaching the children. It was a Mouse. Its name was Reepicheep, the most valiant of all the Talking Beasts of Narnia, and the Chief Mouse. It had won undying glory in the second Battle of Beruna. Lucy showed her respect going down on one knee to talk to him.

Nat Leshukova

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I’m crazy about ships. The ship built by Prince Caspian is the most beautiful ship I’ve ever seen in my life. She was a beauty of her kind, a "lady" , her lines perfect, her colours pure.
So I tried to paint it as perfect as I could. I admired the name Prince Caspian called she.

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Daniel Demchenko

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I think nothing can be compared with beauty of Ramandu’s daughter. She was like a sparkling star when she appeared in the doorway. The figure with the golden hair carried light and kindness.
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Zhenya Barkovskaya


She was a tall girl, dressed in a single long garment of clear blue which left her arms bare.

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Alexandra Zhiganova


"The voyage
of the "Dawn Treader"


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is my favourite book!


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Village of Platovo,

Krasnosulinsky district,

Rostov region,


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Teacher of Enlish:

Gulakova Irina


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