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Istanbul Turkey

"The lion, the witch and the Wardrobe"

a book of poetry 

from Istanbul, Turkey.


2007-2008 Academic Year

Classes 6A/B Red


A book of poetry

Inspired by C.S. Lewis’


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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Table of Contents


Our class biographies and photos 3

A summary of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 5

Poems inspired by the book

Couplets 7

Haikus 10

Free Verse 12

Question Poems 14

Shape Poems 16

Contributors 22


Front Cover Art by Izel Sinan Mori

Back Cover Art by Melissa Baron


Our class biographies and photos


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We are the Ulus Jewish School’s 6A Red class. Our school is the only Jewish school in Turkey. In our class there are 13 children and we are 12 years old. Our school is little but everyone of us is Jewish.

This year we read ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and we think it’s a great book. We learned many lessons from this book. For example, I learned that everyone can change their characters and become better people. We also learned that mustn’t beleive everyone and everything we heard. Finally, we learned that it means to be brave.

Selim Cemal



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We are 6B Red from the Ulus Jewish School. We are from Istanbul, Turkey. Our class is as beautiful as our school. We are 13 people. Our school is not big but not small either. We have very good teachers and classes. Everything is beautiful here!

Our city’s population is 16 million. There are good football teams too. We like football. There are Fenerbahce, Galatasaray, Besiktas and Beylerbeyispor from our city. There are lots of museumsand old, beautiful places. For example there is Ayasofya Museum. First it was a church, then it turned into a mosque and now it’s a museum. We also have 2 bridges called Bogazici and Fatih Sultan Mehmet. These bridges join the European and Asian continents. Our school is on the European side.

Koray Anjel

A summary of


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


There are two brothers (Edmund and Peter) and two sisters (Susan and Lucy). They were sent away from London because of the air raids during World War II. They were sent to the old professor’s house in the country.

One day when they were playing hide and seek the smallest child, Lucy, hid in a wardrobe. She saw that the wardrobe was so big! She continued to walk in the wardrobe and she saw a new place called NARNIA. In Narnia she met a faun called Mr. Tumnus. They became good friends. Mr. Tumnus invited her to his house. They started to talk about the Witch (the queen) of Narnia. He told her that everyone in Narnia was on the Witch’s side. When Lucy came back to the professor’s house she talked about Narnia to her sister and brothers but they didn’t believe her. They thought that Narnia was in Lucy’s imagination.

Then Edmund decided to go to Narnia one day. When he went to Narnia, he saw the Queen and he thought that she was good. The Queen gave Turkish Delight to Edmund, that’s why Edmund liked the Queen. The next day Peter and Susan thought that they should believe Lucy. They started to think with logic and they decided to go into the wardrobe and see how it was in there. When they went to Narnia they were shocked! Later they went to Mr. Tumnus’ house. When they got there they understood that Mr. Tumnus was taken away by the secret police from the White Witch. Lucy was so upset.

They started to walk around Narnia. Suddenly they saw a beaver. The beaver invited them to his house. The beavers and the four children started to talk about Aslan (who is the real King of Narnia) and that he is near and that means the Witch’s power is weakening. Edmund heard everything about Aslan. While they were talking about Aslan, Edmund went to the Witch’s castle because the Witch said she’d give him more Turkish Delight. But instead, she was bad to him and she gave him only dry bread. After that he learned that the ‘Queen’ is really a Witch. Later the Witch learned that the other children were in Narnia with the beavers and she started to tell the wolves that they must destroy the beavers’ house. While they were hiding from the wolves they saw Father Christmas and he gave them some presents! Then the beavers and the three children went to see Aslan. They found Aslan. While they were talking to him Aslan’s creatures went and saved Edmund from the Witch.

Later the Witch learned that Peter killed the head of her secret police and she came to Aslan’s camp. The Witch said that if someone in Narnia is a traitor, he will be given to the Witch (she was talking about Edmund). But Aslan talked with the Witch and convinced her not to kill Edmund. He did this by agreeing to change places with the traitor. The Witch didn’t know that by doing this the Deeper Magic would save Aslan’s life and all of Narnia.

After many years living in Narnia as Kings and Queens the children found the lampost and the wardrobe again. When they went through no time had passed in the human world and they were still children during the war. There was no way for them to get back to Narnia again.


Liora Albukrek

Estella Gabay

Lida Yaes

Ronit Asa

Rayka Zavaro



Poems inspired by the book



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In Narnia, a new world they found

In the forest, there was nobody around

Melissa Baron

The beaver is a good man

But he doesn’t make a good plan


The Wardrobe is very dark

A great dog will bark


The Witch is very bad

Everybody’s going to be sad


Beni Yanar


Narnia is a magical place

We’re always freezing in this strange space

Anat Avadya


When the kids get cold

They will get old

When they go in the wardrobe

There won’t be no globe


Cem Beceren

Narnia is winter forever

There isn’t good weather, never

Tumnus has a good character

But the witch is a hunter

The Witch has a bad personality

It’s dangerous to come and see Narnia city

Sami Desabah


Aslan is the name that will never go out of fashion

He shall be a myth with his amazing action

Flowers will show under snow soone

At night there will be a big moon

Peter’s sword and his shield

Narnia shall be healed

With help of Aslan we shall have Christmas again

And the Witch’s weakness will be our gain

Witch thinks everything is in her hand

But Aslan is the King of this magical dream-land

Spring is coming after winter

With the help of a marvellous writer


Ekin Gidon

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Roar of a lion

Mysterious sensations

He is on the move


Winter to Spring

All seasons must change

The White Witch’s spell must end

Hope blossoms with Spring



Land in the wardrobe

Where Tumnus plays with Beaver

Long live the true King!




Winter Turns to Spring

Winter turns to spring

White Witch lost all her power

So Narnia’s safe


Leon Reyna



The ice is melting

Aslan, the King, is coming

Spring came back

Leon Reyna



Winter turns to spring

Lucy sees Mr. Tumnus

Snow is gonna melt


Izzet Berker

When Aslan was there

The Queen had lost her power

Everyone’s happy

Cesi Halegua




He roars like a lion

He sees like an eagle too

Destroys the White Witch

Nesi Bahar & Vedat Levi



There is a White Witch

Aslan is the True King of

Magic Narnia


Vedat Levi & Nesi Bahar



Everytime says truth

She is so inquisitive

I love all the truth

Reysi Haleve



Aslan is scary

Not safe – dangerous but good

A selfless king


Anat Avadya


Narnia’s winter

Always snowing and freezing

Everybody’s ill

Anat Avadya

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Free Verse


The White Witch has made Narnia cold

Mr. Tumnus was already told

Narnia is in the Wardrobe

Lucy sees that when she opens the door

When Aslan comes to Narnia, there was Summer

And never Winter

Aslan dies

But soon opens his eyes

The Witch says impossible,

You are wrong – it’s possible!


Koray Anjel


Narnia is a place with a Witch

Who makes evey time winter

Narnia is a place with two Kings and two Queens

Narnia is a place where all the magical creatures live


Vedat Levi & Nesi Bahar


There once was Aslan, not safe

Who was very brave

Best of all Aslan was not dangerous

When the war started he was nervous

All the best Aslan was the true king!

Anat Avadya



There once was a peaceful Narnia

But then the king and the queen had a battle

So the king went away and didn’t come for awhile

The queen became bad and a Witch


Cem Beceren


Narnia is a magical place

You mustn’t trust the magical trees

Yoel Kohen



There was once sun in Narnia

But the Witch made a spell that would make Narnia winter

When Aslan came to Narnia

The spell was broken and the sun rose up again


Cem Beceren



Question Poems

hat happened in Mr. Tumnus’ house?

Why did the Witch’s power pause?

What did Aslan do?

Did Edmund go in the wardrobe too?


Ronit Asa


Is the Professor old?

Is the Professor odd?

Does he love children?

What will happen?


Rayka Zavaro


Is the Witch helpful?

Will her plan be successful?

Is the Witch healthy?

What does she eat, exactly?


Selin Krespi




Is Edmund a bully?

Is Susan silly?

Will Edmund die?

Why does the Witch lie?


Izzet Berker



Is Narnia always cold?

Is the Witch very old?

Will spring come there?

Who wants to sit in the Queen’s chair?






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Why do you live in a dam?

Do you always eat ham?

Do you live in the wood?

Why aren’t you in the hood?


Cem Beceren





Is the Witch bad?

Is the Queen mad?

Is Edmund a traitor?

Is Mr. Tumnus a liar?


Liora Albukrek


Does Edmund like Turkish Delight?

Is there snow in Narnia all day and night?

Does Susan blow on her horn?

Will a baby, in Narnia, be born?


Lida Yaes


Is this the lampost of the east?

Do the people speak with trees?

Is it winter or spring?

Who is Narnia’s king?


Koray Anjel


Shape Poems



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Sami Desabah

Karen Alaluf



Cesi Halegua Heymi Yanar

Samii Palombo

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Izel Sinan Mori

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Karen Alaluf

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Ronit Asa

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Ekin Gidon


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Ronit Asa

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Beni Yanar     Sami Desabah


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Ekin Gidon




Izzet Berker

Cesi Halegua

Izel Sinay Mori

Heymi Yanar

Rayka Zavaro

Lara Liora Albukrek

Rami Mert Kandiyoti

Yuda Leon Reyna

Sami Palombo

Ronit Asa

Selim Cemal

Lida Yaes

Estella Gabay


Nesi Bahar

Selin Krespi

Melissa Baron

Karen Alaluf

Anat Avadya

Sami Desabah

Beni Yanar

Cem Beceren

Yakup Yoel Kohen

Koray Anjel

Ekin Gidon

Hayim Vedat Levi

Reysi Haleve


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Ms. Pelletier

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by Rami Kandiyoti








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